Welcome to Shades of Melanin Incorporated... 

A site where you can find your niche in almost anything. We cater to women of color, and through that connect this demographic through offering educational and entertainment services using art, poetry, and literature while still discussing issues pivotal to self growth, self love, and self enhancement. Contact us to find out how you can book us for your next event. We offer lecture, speech, and spoken-word services for educational, entertainment,and Self-empowerment events.


With this site we wish to connect women from all walks of life whether it’s the professional, the student, or the in between. We realized that even though we come from different paths in life, different sizes, shapes, and shades, we still have a lot in common.


This site offers a compilation of art: spoken, visual, and written. It also addresses an array of issues affecting or is of interest to this specific demographic and much more. Browse through the site, and see what interests you! Also feel free to submit work to be published on the site on our “Write For Us” page.



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