Brittany Jordan is a 24 year old artist originally from  Lacoochee, FL but currently residing in Zephyrhills, FL. 
Ever since she can remember her earliest memory of knowing she held above average artistic abilities, stemmed from when she was a little girl in kindergarten. She remembers when she had to draw something in her English class that had to do with America. Thus, she drew a bald eagle. Her teacher was impressed which led her to keep it and hang it up on the board. She remembers other students asking her to help them recreate it. Since then her biggest inspiration for her artwork is to just use the talent God gave her in a positive way to bless others. Whether it be painting a portrait for a family whose loved one passed away, or making a person who has insecurities feel beautiful through an abstract peace of work. Brittany wants others to see her work as empowering, strong, creative, funky, and inspiring. 

Art has given her a sense of purpose. Stating, "It's my identity! It gives me courage to think beyond my current situations to push forward. Art is the way!" .The message she is  trying  to convey through her work is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She went all natural 2 years ago and that influences her artwork in a major way. Mostly all her pieces are inspired by black women. When she went natural she found a beauty and a strength in herself that she never knew she could have. She felt beautiful the way God intended her to be and not how man intended. Subsequently, she loves wearing big hair, and protective hairstyles showing women that they are beautiful in their ethnicity.

Use your gifts given by God to bless others. Be the light in the darkness any way possible. God gives people many gifts, but it's up to us how we choose to use them. My work is flawed in a lot of ways! My lines aren't smooth, colors are sometimes strange and aren't fully blended but that's why I love it. Because who is perfect? No one! But through art you may discover a beauty, a strength, a piece of mind that you never thought was there once you see how people comment and marvel over a piece inspired by you.

The biggest struggles for her, at this moment, are time, money, and space. She is working two jobs right now so it's hard trying to find the energy to paint. Art supplies are not cheap and getting new colors and buying better quality paint is a challenge as well. She is also trying to push her work to be career based. She fell off the wagon for a while, and is now pushing herself to reach new heights. With that her goal is to be her own boss. With prayer, faith and hard work she has no doubt this will be possible, and that she will be something great.