About Mz. Daisy


In her itty-bitty frame...

the 26-year-old DC native, Mz. Daisy is packed with a mouth full of lyrical anthem.  From her hair to the shoes on her feet she embodies the creative freedom Atlanta allows its residents.


Since elementary school, Mz. Daisy can remember being young and creative. As a child art class was always her favorite because it allowed for her to express herself in a society that minimalizes the importance of creativity. Her father taught her how to draw cartoon characters at a young age. This sparked her interest in entering poster contests, which she won often. Soon she began keeping a poetry journal with her to take note of her everyday life experiences.


From there, she quickly realized the documenting her hard times and struggle helped produce great, passionate music. Most of all, those times allowed a state of vulnerability that took her work to an inspiring level.


Although Mz. Daisy’s work started out as just a hobby it quickly transformed into a lifestyle and a career.


“My whole life is themed around art, you walk into my apartment & theres visual art surrounding you in every room, you see me out in public & again, my appearance speaks art, you look me up online, you'll see that I'm am an all around creative, it doesn't stop at music. Theres fashion, graphic/web design, writing, photography, modeling, cosmetology, drawing, painting, everythinggg !! I believe that one creative ability unlocks another, you just have to be open & ready to take on a new craft. Which brings me to how my art has become a career. With enough ambition & drive, those things just listed are definitely career based.”



With Mz. Daisy’s art speaking for her she strives to put out messages that are relatable to her generation and the millions of people like her. Hopefully her art allows people to ponder on deep situations while also bringing them joy.


Like many artist Mz. Daisy has experienced struggle.


“I struggle with "living the American dream" which I see as working a job/career after college, starting a family, & dying old. That "dream" doesn't sit well with me. So I always find myself settling for a job with good pay just to take care of my responsibilities and fund my art. The struggle comes when the job doesn't fulfill me or ignite my creativity so I always reach that point of quitting. We all know what typically comes after quitting a job with no savings. Struggle.”

Moreover, the struggle as an artist is intensified as a woman and a person of color. However, Mz. Daisy has turned being a woman of color in the world of art as a motivator.


“Being a woman of color influences my art by bringing that real, raw, grittiness. I know that the black man goes through a lot, but so does the woman. We have so much on our plates but we are good at covering things up & maintaining stability through struggle or everyday fucked up situations. So in my craft, as a woman of color, I'm giving you life through my eyes, through our eyes.”


In the near future Atlanta artist, Mz. Daisy, ultimately sees her work paying off abundantly. She is positive that her music will lead her to touring the world and inspiring the masses.


Find more of Mz. Daisey's  work below:

Instagram & Twitter: @Mzdaisyyy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mzdaisyyy

Website: www.mzdaisy.com