I am SHYNE, born Sheniqka Miller on April 24, 1991. I am a Florida native who loves to take long walks on the beach. And thats simply because I enjoy moments of solidarity. Maybe its my artist heart or loner spirit but I find myself happiest in peaceful silence. Until recently I did not label myself as a writer. Its what I do. But its definitely not all that I AM. After experiencing years of writer's block I am back at it with a whole new outlook on life. I am still an artist but my main focus is on writing. I have went through so much in life that it has evoluntionized me. I have found myself removing all that may distract me from my greatest passions. Now I have to write to release negative energies. It is my verbal therapy. It is a part of me. And when I step on the stage it is an invitation for all listeners to join me on the lyrical journey we will embark on as I speak.

Every poem I write and perform is a journey I have been on or preparing for. I share these pieces in the hopes that I still can inspire others.