Black Girl Magic: A Rise in Fantasy Representation on Screen

“Black Girl Magic” is a phrase coined in 2013 by blogger CaShawn Thompson, in “celebration of the beauty, intelligence and power of Black women everywhere.” It has since become a rallying cry for black women of different backgrounds to celebrate their accomplishments and moments together in sisterhood. But unlike the phrase and recent movement behind it, “Black Girl Magic” in the literal sense has rarely been showcased at the forefront of film and television...

It’s ok to seek Help because Masculinity is Toxic/Fragile

"If we are being honest, then we would admit that toxic masculinity has gotten us nowhere and the fact that black women too often find themselves assigned to the role of a victim/survivor inside our twisted narratives, should be more than enough evidence to convince us that the way in which we go about defining and acting out our gender roles is very problematic for Black men/boys and deadly for the women and girls who we claim to love..."

2016: The Year of Loss

“I feel like I’m falling off of a cliff right. I feel like I fell of a cliff and the further I fall the darker shit gets. The more quiet shit gets.  But it’s like the darkness and the silence isn’t what’s bothering me. It’s not hitting the bottom. Not hitting a bottom is what’s fucking with me. Because at least if I hit a bottom then I can stand up and go ‘okay well that’s how far I have to climb to get back up to the top of the cliff.’ But when you just fall and you just fall and you just fall it’s like when does it end?”

Money. Power. Respect: Who is Kendell Renee Kelley?

"I’m doing reality TV, I have three degrees but, this is what makes sense to me at this moment. Will I catch flack for it? Absolutely. Will the flack be less than the benefit? Absolutely. Is it worth it to me? Absolutely. I think we get to wrapped up as black women in what society expects us to represent or be the spokesperson for the entire race for the entire sex. There are enough of us."

Medicine, Gun Violence, Social Inequities, and Everything In Between

"Where it’s something that systematically disenfranchises a group of people and therefore, if it disenfranchise anyone as an American it should be an issue to me and of high importance. It’s important to me because I have to be consistent and so inequality in any form is unacceptable."

Show Love to The V!

Queens should be okay with loving themselves in any way they see fit! This realization of ones self-worth can cultivate a young lady’s self-confidence, and in turn create a powerful sensual woman ready to take on the world. Thus, in the spirit of spreading love, light, and knowledge to our sisters: allow me to open up the much needed dialogue of self-love...

The Evolution of Black Music: In Celebration of African-American Music Appreciation Month

The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said “music is the universal language of mankind.” Black music, from the work songs of enslaved Africans to the lyrics of today’s rappers, speaks to the experience of Black Americans. Black music happens to be on my mind after the BET Awards put on an amazing show...