My Health Journey

Prior to college I was very active in sports, specifically basketball. I heard of the freshmen 15 and I told myself that would not happen to me but when I got to college, freshmen 15 was more like the freshmen 30! I did not let it bother me but the further I got into my academics; my weight was starting to become problematic.  I was very involved with various organizations on and off campus which all led to little time to eat and sleep. I was always depressed, stressed, and could not even study for long periods of time because of my atrocious diet.  I was eating fast food, snacking on chips, and drinking soda.

On Jan 27th, 2013 I decided it was time for a change because I recognized I was in bad state. I ate healthier and exercised at least 30 minutes a day. At first it was not easy and there were plenty of times I wanted to quit but I kept going. Over time I lost over 50 pounds and eventually got certified as a fitness instructor. I am still on the health journey and I continue to motivate others that health comes in all shapes and sizes. I look better and I feel good about myself! "Exercise to be fit, not skinny. Eat to nourish your body and always ignore the haters, doubters and unhealthy examples that were once feeding you. You are worth more than you realize."