Mandisa Ngozi A Sweet Blessing

Mandisa Ngozi (Sweet Blessings)  is a natural hair braiding and art gallery that is located in Tallahassee, FL.  This artistic business caters to the natural hair revolution, by specializing in styles that are chemical-free. Shades of Melanin Inc. had the opportunity to interview hair artist and co-owner Valencia who operates this gallery alongside sister, NeCe. Together the two make all their clients feel like they are receiving more than just a do. But, their clients are also embarking on a journey that affects the inner, and outer being, The Afrocentric ambiances, soothing scents, and positive energy make you feel as ifyou are receiving more than just service for your crown but healingfor the soul. Check out our interview with the wonderful artist, Val, and discover how Mandisa Ngozi came to be, what hardships they had to overcome to get to where they are, their success in their black owned business, how they continue to grow and expand, and most importantly why they exemplify (Fe)melanin.