Green Clovers

By: Nekala Rosetta

we're lucky to be young, foolish
ever forgetful with
where we place our hearts
when we fall and bounce back
laughter on a trampoline
we hear dangers lurk in quiet places
but we pay them no mind
our feet are too fast to stay
still on wild roads
so we give freely
to a kind few who pass
with cunning smiles
and woeful tales of yesterday
we tend their bruises
while covering our own
and if a chance of rain is near
we know life's no guarantee
and we make sun promises
just the same
some we say hello
or goodbye to only once
others we greet at the round table
but in all ways
we're still lucky to be young
enough to surrender

our hearts to the wind
with no known end to our search
we're lucky to be foolish with love
and we're brave