For the Black Women that Have Had Enough of the Trick Daddy Rhetoric

By: La-Toya Scott

This past Tuesday hip-hop artist, Trick Daddy, certainly had a lot to say about black women through his Instagram account. Although the majority of black women remained unfazed by this washed up rapper’s statement there are women of color that do take statements like these to heart, and we shall not marginalize them or how words and statements such as these affect them. What Trick Daddy represents is a history of Black men that continue to fetishize white and Latina women by using black women as a dumping ground in order to do so.  Trick Daddy, who shall from this point be referred to by his government name, Maurice, warned that:

“These Spanish and these white hoes they just start getting finer than a mothaf**ka. Yall Black hoes betta tighten up I’m telling you. Tighten up, yall doing all that extra sh*t for nothing, you not achieving nothing b*tch. You getting you’re a** done, your titties done, and you paying $150 to get your makeup done just to go to a motherf**kin local club b*tch.  Tighten up hoe! These Spanish and these white hoes getting very spiffy on yall. They f*ck around and learn how to fry chicken you hoes is useless.”

It’s not so much his statements that could cause discontent, it was the amount of likes, shares, and comments from the majority, Black men, on his page that agreed with Maurice and shared his views. Thus, let’s quickly and swiftly kill and lay to rest these illogical transgressions.

For one, when it comes to aesthetics white and Latina women are not doing anything more or less than what black women are doing. Women, period, are getting their ass done, their faces beat to the Gods, and flat chested tatas pumped to a cup or three bigger. If that is what makes any woman feel more confident or comfortable in her own skin that's her own choice, and as such should not be subjected to a critical male gaze.

Next, this is not a popularity contest. Contrary, to popular belief we are not on the game show, “Who Wants to Win a Black Man.”  Lord knows I love my black men but, if black men want to date white or Latina women no one is stopping them. We are not crying on our pillows, sweating out our weave, missing a wash day, losing a coin, or sleep because a black man decided to choose outside his race. In the words of Beyoncé, “ I ain’t sorry…I ain’t thinking bout you.” Love is love. 
      However, do not denigrate the image of black women in the process. Do not let your individualized, lackluster experience with one or two black women forward a hateful rhetoric that bashes ALL black women.  Besides, I can almost promise men like Maurice that our sole purpose on this Earth does not reside in attaining a man.

   To men like Maurice, do not in your bashing of black women fail to acknowledge the strives and achievements we have made. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, black women have the highest percentage of degrees conferred by race and gender for the past eight years and counting.  In the face of toxic comments that aim to tear our self- image, and self-esteem down, and while battling a society that perpetuates self-hate by forwarding an Anglicized agenda to define concepts of self-worth, and beauty, according to polls Black women remain the most confident. So, while Maurice thinks we are too busy twerking in clubs, and frying chicken the facts, and stats say otherwise. Black women are educating and loving themselves to the fullest. 

     Most importantly, we do not have to tear down other women of any other race to substantiate our own self worth.  We don’t have to be pitted against other women to know we are brilliant, to know we are magic, and to know we are important. For the Black women that took what Maurice and other Black men like him have said and continue to say to heart I leave you with this: Sweety, pick your head up your crown is slipping.