Dear my fellow black entrepreneur,

 By Sidjae Price

“... but you know what, though, the hereafter is a hustle. We want it now!”

On June 26, 2016 Jessie William’s stated these spine tingling words. They influenced many and left a mark on their heart. However, for me they left a mark on my heart as a black entrepreneur.  More so the “...we want it now” phrase. It resonates deeply with myself and so many other black entrepreneurs and business owners, as we want our success now. Well even though most of us will not admit we are waiting ‘impatiently, patient’ because we want it now.

For a black entrepreneur, it is much harder to be recognized, heard and even get a business loan. So why should we, as blacks, create opportunities and present them primarily to our fellow blacks? Well sit tight and keep on reading.

Sometimes it may strike others that the black community is in fact committing a form of racism when they only target black customers and clearly identify it in their businesses values. Or, it could even be seen as a form of racism when black individuals constantly remind fellow blacks to support black owned businesses. However, the unity of the black business community should not frighten anyone. Nor should anyone feel like black business owners or entrepreneurs are racist for only choosing to work with blacks.


The choice to target ‘black’ actually cuts deeper than most will imagine, as we all should know that we are in a country that is prejudice towards minority groups. As a community, we have discovered and are actually still discovering the importance in taking steps to not only uplift ourselves, but also our brothers and sisters. Or, as my fellow millennials would say, we are really trying to #staywoke   Essentially, staying woke is what we will do until we are accepted as functional and valuable members of society.

While the business owners and entrepreneurs who target blacks are more than likely inclusive of working with all human beings, we are primarily consciously and unconsciously dedicated to the uplifting of our brothers and sisters. As deep down inside we, will not negate the fact that there was a time when blacks were the products being sold in a business. Nor will we negate the fact of the time when blacks could not even dream of owning a business and got their business ideas stolen from them. We have recognized the conflicts occurring and since no one can help us to resolve it, we will do it ourselves. You can also see the same actions from the entrepreneurs who target women, or as some believe a new wave of feminism.

Jesse William’s speech has done alot for many in different ways. But this piece is especially for the black business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to get the recognition they deserve, to get that business loan with a lower interest rate, or even to get a storefront in a good neighborhood...just remember to keep on hustlin’.

“There has been no job we haven’t done”

...and that is why we are creating our own.