Medicine, Gun Violence, Social Inequities, and Everything In Between

"Where it’s something that systematically disenfranchises a group of people and therefore, if it disenfranchise anyone as an American it should be an issue to me and of high importance. It’s important to me because I have to be consistent and so inequality in any form is unacceptable."

Don't Believe The Hype! The Hunting Ground is a Game Changer

...In addition to winning a plethora of awards from film critics, the documentary has received praise from President Obama, prompting his administration to launch the “It’s On Us” Initiative. Following the screening of the film I was able to speak with Sofie, an anti-sexual violence activist and co-founder of End Rape on Campus. What follows is an interview between yours truly, and an activist that has sparked a MUCH NEEDED revolution. One that empowers sexual assault survivors and calls for accountability amongst any who are complicit in upholding a culture of silence. Because much like feminism; education on sexual violence is for everyone...