About Gherdai


It all started when...

she won her first coloring competition at 5 years old. Since then the 25 year old artist has been doodling, drawing and painting ever since. Gherdai Hassell was born and raised in Bermuda and  currently resides in Manchester, UK. For Hassell art is not just a hobby it is life and something she truly finds purpose in. 

Serving as a safe haven art has continued to be a type of therapy that gives Hassell the opportunity to reflect on her self and the world around her. 

Hassell wishes to use her gift to convey messages of self-love.

"I feel that self love is the pre-requisite to everything we do. We must first have the esteem, before we can share any part of our selves with others. Too many times we look outside to gain validation. This is found within."
                    The Artist Gherdai Hassell

                    The Artist Gherdai Hassell


Her creations bring vibrancy, love, and warmth to people which ultimately move them. Hassell through hard work and dedication creates masterful pieces that move people to feel. 

"I want it to move people, because if it doesn’t make someone feel something, whether that be happiness, discomfort, peace- anything , then its not art."

Although, Hassell is an artist her craft does not separate her from others that have the typical 9-5 job. She has faced adversity in her life not because she is an artist but, because she too is human. 

A challenge that Hassell has had to overcome is the lack of representation of people of color in art. When she goes to art galleries, and museums she takes note of the lack of art featuring women and people of color as a whole. Subsequently, Hassell has taken this and used it to motivate her work stylistically. Women of color heavily influences her work.

"People identify with things and people that they can relate to. It is not a choice for me to paint women that look like me , it is a necessity. I would be doing an injustice to myself and to my people if my legacy was not representative of my life and my reality.  What a difference it would have made for me in choosing a career In art, If I had seen many powerful images of black women while growing up. I want to provide that for my people for the future."


With her powerful, eye-catching images of people of color she will definitely be one to pave the way for better representation of her people within the arts. 


 "I’ve always said that my mind must first arrive at my future before my body does. In my head, I am already a well known artist, traveling the world, empowering girls, and serving people. That is the dream. I know its real, I’m just waiting on y’all to see it."


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