Behind the Project

About Hara:

Hara meaning sea or ocean of energy is a force of energy, good energy. Hara believes that the agency model needs innovation, disruption, and diversity. At Hara they are ready to go where no agency has gone before. Hara is a creative agency based out of the southeastern and midwest region. The agency leverages creativity to construct environments that promote and stimulate engagement and action. Hara consists of a team of diverse creative professionals that act as catalysts for creating content that impacts the culture in any city, anywhere. Each project is an opportunity to create something meaningful. 

The Team:

(Left to Right)

Vincetta Dunnell is a creator at the core. She is known for her innovative ideas, creative insight, and ability to express herself in multiple mediums. She has mastered the art of consistently challenging the norms, exploring boundaries, and pushing limits to ultimately craft fresh new perspectives. She thrives on her connection to creativity, and channels that creative frequency in areas from marketing to design to producing.

“Black love to me is genuine love, support, and this feeling of oneness. This is not limited to a romantic relationship for me. You can witness black love between a mother and daughter, between a brother and sister, between a mentee and mentor, two best friends, or even between two complete strangers. Black love exists anywhere pure energy and love live. “


Christopher Chavannes is a creative director with the ability to capture precious energies through means of his cameras. His disruptive style and minimalistic approaches have enabled him to reach vast audiences and different crowds alike. Chris has taken his lenses to places all over the world; capturing different energies and carefully piecing them together to illustrate his conscious through his camera.

“Black love is love in its purest form. To me, black love means loving the world just as much as you love yourself. It is the highest form of love. For one to truly appreciate and understand love in its entirety, one must love God. Black love is the way God loves you. “

Joshua J. Smith is a co-founder of Hara Creative Agency. Previously a marketing director for numerous campaigns, and an entrepreneur, he continues to innovate the industry, and ignite his surroundings. When he’s not in the office, Joshua is in the field capturing the world with his camera. He specializes in defining the vision and bringing it to life. A powerful creative house, Hara is on it’s way to becoming one of the country’s top creative agencies.

“Black Love is the greatest journey you’ll ever embark on. Your heart will witness beautiful sights and sometimes dark places but it’s all worth it when you reach your Utopia.”

About the Project:
   What primarily inspired this project was being surrounded by beautiful and inspiring people of color in our everyday lives, and than flipping on the TV, and seeing the media push negative portrayals, and stereotypes of people of color in our faces.  Thus, we decided that we wanted to take control of that image and perception, and thats why we created (The) Black Love Project. (The) Black Love Project allows us to spread a positive message and shed light on the love that exists within our communities. We would love for the audience to find something in this video that they resonate with. To have a moment during the video where they crack a smile, laugh, or just genuinely connect. (The) Black Love Project was created to authentically reflect the thoughts, and feelings of young people of color when it comes to what black love means in this day and age. We just hope we were able to do that.