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This site has a little bit of everything. So browse around and find what fits and interest you. Shades of Melanin offers music, poetry, interactive blogs, stories of strong women of color that are relatable, articles speaking on sociopolitical issues that affect us, and much more.


Sounds of Melanin

Come to our showroom and listen or watch powerful  works. Whether it is spoken word, rap, or song our featured artists offer a wide variety of lyricism meant to entertain, educate, and covey artistic messages.


Words of Melanin

Not everyone is a performing artist, and here at Shades of Melanin we understand that. Our site offers work by page poets, or individuals that like to  write short stories, or any other variety of written works.


Our World In Shades

Find out what’s affecting women of color in today’s society. Issues range from fashion, sports, entertainment, social, and political issues. Stay woke.

Shades of Melanin

Read stories and testimonies from women of color about relatable issues. These women share stories of hardships, perseverance, and growth.



This section of the site is meant to spotlight influential women of color in today’s world. Read their bios, and take notice of what these women have done or what they are currently doing.

Book of the Month

Check out captivating works of literature by women of color authors in our book of the month section where we engage in discussion about themes highlighting pivotal concepts.


Man of Melanin

Engage with our featured man of melanin. Read works from the male perspective on issues concerning or are of interest to women of color.