Heart and Soul. These two words vividly describe what singer/songwriter Jande’ Pierce puts into everything she does. Whether its track and field, on the stage performing singing, or in school where she takes her work seriously. This soulful artist is an up and coming singer on the scene that gives her craft all that she's got.



Check out this interview with this soulful artist and find out what's behind her powerful vocals and her passion for music. 


La-Toya: Where are you from?
Jande: I was born in Atlanta but raised in Stone Mountain, GA a little on the outskirts.
La-Toya:What age and where did you begin to make music?
Jande:That typical story, in the church when you were younger, is pretty much how it all started. So like 5 or 6, just really young starting out in the church
La-Toya: Where does your influence come from? What is your style of music?
Jande: I like to think it’s a combination of things like of course you get a gospel influence but it’s a mixture of R& B, and then if I want to get into a pop realm a little bit there’s a mixture of that on the cd also. So I like to have a diverse sound so everyone can rock to it and enjoy it. But it’s specifically R&B
La-Toya: Can you remember an experience when soulful music influenced you?
Jande: Whenever you’re dealing with a situation certain music just speaks to you. It’s nice when you listen to music and it’s like, “they’re talking about me”. It’s moments like that that made me say “I can do that for others.” It’s passionate music, soulful music.
La-Toya: What is your message as an artist?
Jande: I like to give answers. And I feel like nowadays people aren’t helping one another. I feel like when you hear my music, whether you're having a rough day, my music should help you get through the day positive. If your dealing with something my music should help you. I really like to say that my music gives answers. My music is feel good music.
La-Toya: What are the challenges of trying to make it in todays industry as a woman compared to back then? Do you feel like you have to sexualize yourself because you are a woman? Does that make it hard to convey your message?
Jande: In the back of your mind you see this perception of what a female artist is supposed to be. Or what people and society thinks a female artist is supposed to be. But it’s up to me personally to say “this is what I like, this is who I am”. And not to compromise what I am and what I stand for in that aspect. So I wouldn’t say it’s issues. It’s more, “do I conform to what other people like or are you going to stay in your lane and do what you want to do. 
La-Toya: What other forms of art do you contribute to the entertainment industry?
Jande: I like instrumentals and I’m actually teaching myself the guitar. Also, I’m working on my writing.
La-Toya: Do you have any singers that inspire you?
Jande: I like a collective of soulful musicians like Jasmine Sullivan, Beyonce, Kim Burrell, Billy Holiday, and Tina Turner
La-Toya: Where do you see your career going?
Jande: My end goal as a musician …of course I want to provide for my family. But also as an artist I want to help people and be of influence in a positive way. Because what’s the use of God blessing you with a talent if you don't use it to bless others, and help others. And of course success.
La-Toya: What advice would you give to other women trying to make it out in the industry like yourself ?
Jande: Take pride in what you would do, and know that your craft is a representation of you. And be happy of who you are because you might see things that really might discourage you but you have to be confident in who you are regardless of what you see.
La-Toya: Where are taking your music?
Jande: It’s no where but up from this. I want to get out there in Atlanta. I want to get my music out there. Perform as much  as I can, and let other people know I’m out there. I just want to make music.