Behind the Music

Joy Conaway, a singer-songwriter currently residing in Atlanta, G.A, has been around music all her life. Her mom and dad are both musicians and songwriters. Her family is filled with singers all the way down to her very granddad.

“Love and music are two things that I grew up with. I don’t know anything else.”

Joy believes music transcends age, color, time, and gender.

“Music is a healer. Music gives hope. Music takes us back in time. Music expresses what we can’t always verbally communicate. Music is magical, and I’m a fan of magic. Turning unbelievers into believers. “


A quality to admire about this artist is her strength to keep going even though she does not quite know where the road will lead her. Her perseverance and persistence in such a competitive industry is something to take note of.

“As an indie artist you’re only doing this if you love it. You’re making music that you hope people will get. You’re creating something new with no financial backing. Just a lot of heart and hope.”

One of the setbacks of being an indie artist is the expense. Joy notes that you have to provide and pay for things such as make-up, wardrobe,management, marketing, and promotion. The expense of being a artist can be quite costly.

The message that this artist wishes to convey contains one of joy and hope. She feels like Jesus’s life work, and mission was to give joy and spread a message of hope. For this artist joy and hope are the two things that makes the world go- round.

“I just want to share those feelings with others.”
Her EP, "A Tale of Joy & Sorrow" is a journey of love, fear, hope and light. Joy  loves creating stories through the music that she sings, and she believes that there is a story in each song for all of us! Joy is also so thankful for the opportunity to be working with the Gigabots production duo, Douglas Whatley & Prem Midha.  It's been a little over a year since they started working together, and it's been nothing but music, magic and laughter ever since. For her debut EP, you can expect to experience songs from the heart- honest lyrics over sweet and addictive sounds.


“Thank you to all of my supporters who are helping make my dreams a reality. This is only the beginning!”

Her advice to other women trying to make it in the music industry like herself is:

“Ladies keep singing, your voice will be heard. Keep shining, your light will be seen. You can’t stop. The world needs that extra special thing you have. Share your uniqueness. Be bold, be the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic!”