La’Teshia Owens first discovered she was artistically inclined at an after school program in the 8th grade. Owens highly enjoyed the program and admired that it was taught by a black woman, Ms. Robinson, that was very passionate. Ms. Robinson’s passion for art lit a spark in Owens mind that led her to wanting to learn and see more art. That’s when she really started to take an interest in drawing. Her  inspiration comes from all around her. She could be walking down the street and see someone that could be a model and think to herself, “Wow, I need to draw them, like right now!” Even now, she is inspired by things she sees on Instagram. Her inspiration also comes from her friends who draw as well, and her mom, who inspires her to never give up and to not be afraid to try something new. The message that she wants to convey is, to be free, draw whatever you want and to learn from your journey to becoming an artist.

“It may not always be smooth sailing, but if all you can think about is drawing, then you’re already an artist. You don’t always need that “big break” to make you an artist. Just draw and be happy.”

She also wants people to know that art is the expressions of the artist and expressions of the people that feel like they don’t have a voice. If there is something that you want to bring light to, then art is the way to do it.

For Owens art relaxes her. It helps her to get a view of what is going on in the artist’s head, and what they feel strongly about.  When creating her own art work it helps her to get her emotions down on paper and to be able to relate to other people just by the way she lays down the colors on the canvas. She wants people to see a bit of herself in her artwork. She enjoys drawing as a hobby. To her it’s something about blending colors together to make something memorizing and powerful that keeps her coming back. In the future she can see herself as a freelance artist, drawing portraits, and creating logos any place her art takes her.

Being a woman of color influences her artwork because she never saw enough portraits and comic book heroes that looked like her, so she wanted to be the change in the world she sees. Believing that women and men of color are amazing, attractive and powerful, she wants other people to see that too.