As a kid Lorna Lowe loved to write. She would write poetry and short stories. The passion stayed with her into adulthood. Two years ago she painted a picture for her boyfriend as a birthday present. The act of painting was so liberating for her she was able to create visually the images in her head that sometimes she felt had no words. The inspiration for Lowe’s art is inspired by Fantasy. She is drawn to work that represents that boundlessness of the imagination. She loves art that is intricate and colorful, imaginative and unique. Hopefully, looking at her images and finding something within each one that speaks to them personally.

“I feel that my art is trying to convey that our daydreams and our imaginations are beautiful things. I try to show the wonder in fantasy and pretending. There is nothing wrong with letting your thoughts take you away from time to time.”

                Lorna’s art is a part of her lifestyle that is slowly emerging itself into a career. She believes that success and joy can come from being an artist despite people’s negative connotations that they associate with the word artist. Creating a joyful experience and sharing her work makes her happy but finding other creative people or people who are interested in purchasing her work can be a bit of a challenge because she is so shy. In the future Lorna sees herself gaining more recognition for the kind of art she creates and finding a larger network of clients interested in her work. She also hopes to see her art work in businesses, libraries and schools. She is now contemplating illustrating books, and making coloring books featuring some of her art. Being a woman of color influences her work because her work is colorful and predominately features women. Her art is an extension of who she is; a black woman who loves to daydream and who loves to explore concepts that goes beyond herself. The women in her painting are all versions of herself. They are the many facets of who she is, a dreamer, a creator, lover and at one point a child. Many of her painting share her face or the face of her mother or sister or role model.