A note within a larger body of work that critically engages with the male gaze and exploration of the development of interdependent relations between black women and men.


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A video series showcasing the beauty and dynamics of Black Love. Presented by the talented collective Hara Creative.


(noun) - salon, from the French word salon (a living room or parlor), means a conversational gathering of intellectuals, artists and other creative people to discuss art, literature, politics and, society.

The Black Women Empower Collective, BWEC, strives to recognize the historical resilience of Black womanhood by fostering economic development and entrepreneurship, and nurturing social and cultural enrichment for the betterment of Black women.  


Wondering about how to go about taking the next steps to attending law school? Are you interested in this field but need more information? Check out a new melanated project brought to by a brilliant woman of color that has been there, and offers an individualized perspective meant to inform, motivate, and inspire.