“My true goal is to be an illustrator or designer. I am still very unsure about what the future might hold but, I know, without a doubt, that my art will be apart of it”

Shanelle Gillespie is a 21 year old, self-taught artist, from Bronx, New York. She is inspired by Afro-centrism, black culture, and real world events. Although, at this time, art is just a stimulating hobby for her, it is a major part of her lifestyle in which, she strives to make a career of in the future. Shanelle creates for the single purpose of the enjoyment of viewing each piece. Consequently, she would like her viewers to take each piece individually, and see her art as something positive that has been created, and added to the world.

Unfortunately, something that Shanelle faces as a challenge, along with a large number of artists, is theft of her art. This makes her very hesitant of posting her work online. Despite this fear this artist is still drawn to sharing her work with the world, and will be posting more work on social media as the popularity of her art grows.  

Being a woman of color artist motivates her to do better, because you don’t see enough visible black female artists. As a result of this she likes to draw Black women in ways that you don't usually see them portrayed in social media.

Too many people after seeing me are shocked to find out that I am an artist.