Born and raised in Miami, FL, Sunni Williams is a teacher by day and dream chaser by night. She has taught a wealth of knowledge to students on two different continents. While writing poetry began for her at the tender age of 10, she didn’t venture into spoken word poetry until much later. In her 11th grade year of high school she wrote Untitled Love, her first spoken word poem. When she began attending Florida A&M University, her brother told her about a small poetry venue called Amen Ra’s, located in Tallahassee, FL. Upon walking through the establishment’s doors her life changed immensely. She was introduced to a spoken word movement and a family of writers called Black on Black Rhyme, who would later help cultivate her innate talent. In 2009, she packed that same venue for her first feature performance, where she awed the crowd with five original spoken word pieces. In that same year, she collaborated with other poets to help start FAMU’s first poetry organization Voices. In this organization, she still mentors young poets. Her mission is to use poetry to inspire transparency and self-acceptance.



                      A Word From Sunni

“I can be exactly the person that I am, wholly and unapologetically myself, amongst the masses and without shame.”

I have come to a point in my life where epiphanies are the norm. I am realizing more and more that the world, or rather society, is a hypocritical asshole, in all aspects. Twenty-seven has been an interesting year for me. I don’t have all the answers. But the older I get the more I am realizing that, neither does anyone else. And that’s really what I mean when I say society is an asshole. Essentially society walks around telling everyone who they can or cannot be based on what it [society] thinks we are. At 27 I realized it is never really that black and white, that simple, or so easy to define.

There is no such notion of good and evil, right and wrong; it is all based on your perspectives, how and where you are raised, your circle of friends, religion, whether or not you are an only child or not, and an innumerable host of variables that can shape your world view.

 I decided to write this blog [#sunnispeaks] for a couple of reasons. The first, mainly because I spend way too much time on social media and I realized people are not living what they post and I kept thinking you don’t even believe this [mainly because I like to think that no one on my timeline is stupid]. I started realizing how much social media had become like the real world. Everyone was pretending to be something they are not to gain acceptance from people who were also pretending to be something they are not. I realized that, everyone is really waiting for that opportunity to let out that sigh of relief and say, “whew, I can finally be me!” I can be exactly the person that I am, wholly and unapologetically myself, amongst the masses and without shame. I can be perfectly imperfect. I can be wonderful, and amazing, and grouchy in the mornings, and disorganized until Sunday, and procrastinate on my work, and insecure when they don’t text back, and a social media junkie, and depressed sometimes for no damn reason at all, and ready to quit my job, but afraid of failure, and critical of religion, and afraid of death and all the things we rarely admit aloud for fear of being kicked out of society’s club. So I wanted to be honest with this blog, with opinions, with my reality, my perspective, my comprehension of the world we live in. My intent is not to offend people. Aanyone is free to read, comment with an opposite opinion, or send an email to me directly. #sunnispeaks